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Sheet Metal Basics

Course length: 2 days
$389 (includes a trial EAA membership)

The sheet metal basics workshop is presented by EAA. This course is 2 days in duration and it is designed to help you discover that you really can build or restore your own airplane. Our goal is to present the basics of sheet metal applications and to give you a solid understanding of this method of construction.

The following is a brief outline of the 2-day course.

Day one starts off with a discussion of the basics of sheet metal construction. The basics of sheet metal identification are discussed including the different designations of aluminum and their applications. Rivet identification is discussed in-depth so you can understand the applications of various rivet types.

Then it’s off to the workshop to construct a practice riveting project. Each student will learn how to layout, drill, deburr, dimple, countersink and drive rivets. Each tool will be discussed and demonstrated. Both universal and flush rivets will be used. Regardless of how well a student rivets, each student will drill out and replace a series of rivets.

In the afternoon of day one, you and another student will work as a team to construct an airfoil kit. This kit is a small section of a wing, which will develop the skills you need for aircraft sheet metal work. The project simulates all of the aspects of sheet metal construction that you will encounter in building a sheet metal aircraft.

The airfoil section will be completed on the second day with the installation of an inspection door. Each project will be reviewed and evaluated by the instructor so that you can identify aircraft quality work.

Course size is limited to 16 students per instructor to insure individualized instruction

This course is recommended for anyone building a sheet metal kit aircraft such as an RV, Murphy, Zenith, Sonex, etc.

The cost of the course includes all materials and an informative workbook for you to keep. You will also receive a diploma to display. At the end of this course you will have the confidence level necessary to begin a sheet metal kit project or to make repairs.

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